Look Look

Look Look

Look Look is a choreographic transcription of the creative process at play in the world of fashion. Devised in the manner of a fashion show in front of an imaginary mirror (the audience), the starting point for the work was the desire to to show the techniques of the designer Eva Blut, as well as the catwalk attitude differences when the clothes are worn by two different people. Anne Juren and Krõõt Juurak perform a number of poses inspired by the clothing. The body and the image change, mutating from a stereotypical fashion figure to an everyday posture, from a clearly identifiable form to a hybrid, plastiform, more difficult to recognise.

by and with: Anne Juren and Krõõt Juurak

Co-production: Juren/Juurak and Tanzquartier Wien, Unit F (2007)

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Antistatic 2011 

Kampnagel Sommerfestival 2010