Performances for Pets

Performances for Pets in collaboration with Alex Bailey, is a performance created for house-hold pets.


Performances for Pets is a performance created for domestic pets. Through research into pet’s tastes and interests and with consultation from pet behavioural therapists and psychologists this performance is an attempt to bring an experience of theatre and contemporary art to domestic pets. Each performance is adjusted to the specific audience member’s character and willingness to engage or interact.


Video documentation on Vimeo

Presented at Stromereien Festival Zürich; International Figurentheater Festival Erlangen & #CATCONTENT at Kunstpalais Erlangen, Germany (curated by Ina Neddermayer); Brut, Vienna, supported by SHIFT; Animal Dances at Sophiensaele, Berlin (curated by Martin Nachbar and Maximilian Haas); Bristol Biennale 2016, Bristol, “We Love Animals – 400 Years of Animals and Art” at Kunstmuseum Ravensburg, “Animal Lovers” nGbK Berlin, i.e.

Animal Jokes (for Animals)

A performance for humans in collaboration with Alex Bailey. The internet is saturated with video’s of animals acting “funny,” ranging from compilations in which cats fail to perform certain actions to dogs dancing to pop music. In short, the idea of humans using animals to have fun is widespread. Animal Jokes (for Animals) attempts to reverse this dominant regime and imagine humorous moments, acts and attempts at fun, as seen from the perspective of the pet animal proper. Animal Jokes (for Animals) consists of a series of physical and mental “jokes” imagining a type of humour that humans do not have access to. This performance was first performed at Salon Klimbim at the Vienna Secession (curated by Fahim Amir).

photos by Luca Ghedini.

XING, Bologna (invited by Silvia Fanti); “John Smith, the Posthuman” (curated by Niekolaas Lekkerkerk & Sally Müller) Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht; WUK Performing Arts, Vienna (review).