Fields of Activity

Performance, art, choreography, interspecies collaborations, performative research & documentation



Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, MFA Fine Arts


Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (Basisjaar-mixed media)


ArtEz Arnhem, BFA choreography

Selected Performances & Exhibitions


“Hyper-Emotional YOU” collective exhibition curated by Evelyn Raudsepp, Contemporary Art Museum Estonia (EKKM)


KroOt solo exhibition at Kunstverein Langenhagen, Germany; curated by NoOr Mertens


Raivo Juurak commissioned work for the exhibition “Dissolution – Raivo Puusemp in Dialogue with” at Tallinn Art Hall, curated by Krist Gruijthuijsen.


Presentation performance at Brut Wien, Imagetanz festival, Kunsthalle Wien project space Karlsplatz.

2014- ongoing

Performances for Pets, performance and videodocumentation in collaboration with Alex Bailey. “400 Jahre Tier und Mensch in der Kunst”, Kunstmuseum Ravensburg (curated by Nicole Fritz); #CATCONTENT at Kunstpalais Erlangen, Germany (curated by Ina Neddermayer); Hamamness at Kampnagel, Hamburg (curated by Nadine Jessen); Brut, Vienna, supported by SHIFT, Vienna; Kunstmuseum Ravensburg; nGbK Berlin


NU Performance Festival: So Far So Good, curator of interdisciplinary festival presenting artists Djana Covic, Dora Garcia, Simon Asencio, Uschi Geller Experience, Chicks on Speed, Alex Bailey i.e at Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn


Internal Conflict, performative condition (public appearance of conflict between the curators of the exhibition) “Father Can’t You See I’m Burning” at De Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam (curated and performed by Kate Strain, Emma Panza, Aneta Rostowska, Renata Cervetto, Kris Dittel, Lara Khaldi)


Animal Jokes (for Animals), performance with Alex Bailey at Salon Klimbim, Secession Vienna (curated by Fahim Amir); Xing, Bologna (curated by Silvia Fanti); John Smith the Posthuman at Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht (curated by Nikolaas Lekkerkerk); WUK Vienna i.e.


The Place of the Grave, lecture performance at Cabaret Voltaire, DADA Haus Zürich; Ks Room, Kornberg, Austria; Tanzquartier Wien; DREAD, Fear in the Age of Technological Acceleration, Het Eye Cinema, Amsterdam (curated by Juha Van Hetzelfde); Centre for Dying on Stage, curated by Kate Strain, Project Arts Centre Dublin, Ireland; Bunkier Stuki, Krakow, curated by Aneta Rostowska


KroOt temporal transformation of artist’s name into oO, a venue rented out to other artists; Art Papers magazine (artist feature); Contemporary Arts Museum Estonia (EKKM), Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam


Bad Mood, a mood exhibited at “Three Artists Walk into a Bar” at De Appel, Amsterdam; Gallery Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam; KIM? Riga, Latvia; Office of Manifesta, Amsterdam (curated by Juliette Jongma)


Scripted Smalltalk, a scripted performance for the audience performed at Tanzquartier Wien, Les Laboratoires Aubervilliers, Paris (curated by Alice Chauchat); MDT Stockholm (programmed by Daniel Anderson); Under the Mountain Jerusalem (curated by Omer Krieger); “Live Art Festival” Kampnagel Hamburg (curated by Nadine Jessen); Iceland Dance Festival 2012; Baltic Triennial, Vilnius (curated by Defne Ayas)

2007- ongoing

ongoing AUTODOMESTICATION a performative lecture and research project presented at Doings or Not: Young Estonian Art, Ljubljana City Gallery; “The Future of Art Institution” at PRAXIS Gothenburg, “Symposion: Artist’s Responibility” Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn; Tanzquartier Vienna, Impulstanz Vienna i.e.


Look Look, a performance in collaboration with Anne Juren, presented at Vienna Art Week, MAK; Vooruit Ghent, Belgium, Impulstanz Festival, Vienna; Aerwaves Platform London; Superlux, Tokyo; Mousonturm Frankfurt; Baltoscandal, Estonia; Festival D’Automne, Paris i.e.


2014 – ongoing

SNDO at Academy of Theatre and Dance Amsterdam, Concept Development Workshop for 1st year students BA choreography and performance


Tromsö Academy of Arts, BA 1st and 2nd year students Fine Arts, guest lecturer

2012, 2016, 2017

“Workshop/ Autodomestication” in collaboration with Maria Hassabi (2012), Jason Dodge (2016) ImPulsTanz Vienna, ProSeries


MA Choreography and Performance Studies at University of Giessen, guest workshop open source methodologies in performance


MA Choreogrpahy at DOCH Stockholm, coach for diploma work BA students


MA Fashion at Elisava Design and Fashion School, performance coach and coordinator


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