Bad Mood


Bad Mood is a mood and a performative condition. It cannot be performed at will but rather the mood performs itself through people and situations. “Bad Mood” manifests through my personal presence or absence. “Bad Mood” will be present in the physical exhibition space as well as in the mental space around the exhibition (such as press, media, the Internet, events, guided tours, educational program of the institution etc.) “Bad Mood” has no physical form, and cannot be visually documented, it transmits itself primarily through word of mouth and can be documented in writing. The visitor would be informed of the presence of the work either with a note on the exhibition sheet, in the catalogue, or verbally, such as through a rumor. “Bad Mood” was originally created in 2013 (as part of the exhibition “3 Artists Walk into a Bar” at deAppel Arts Centre, Amsterdam)

Technical description:
Title: “Bad Mood”
Year: 2013/2017
Technique/ material: bad/mood
Image: illustrative/symbolic

Documentation (Thesis)

Presented at “3 Artists Walk into a Bar”, De Appel Boys School, Amsterdam; “Poppositions” 2015, Brussels; “Lo and Behold” at Manifesta Foundation, Amsterdam, curated by Juliette Jongma; April 2018  at MAMbo – Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna during Live Arts Week VII Bologna, a project by Xing